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Galvin Bisserup Jr….

Galvin P. Bisserup Jr is a professional image maker, image taker and image creator for four decades. Specializing in school portraits, weddings, family reunion and event photography. “I marvel at the people I come in contact with from the president of the United States to local community personalities. Capturing the heart and soul of little people to seasoned adults continues to be a joyful experience.”

A Celebration of the African American Experience 
Exhibition: FEBRUARY 6 – MARCH 10

See Galvin’s work at this group exhibition
BLOOMINGDALE’S Furniture Gallery – Main Floor
630 Old Country Road
Garden City, NY 11530
ARTISTS’ RECEPTION: Friday, FEBRUARY 10  from 5:30 – 8 pm

Spirit of Trane

Over the years he has captured the many eventful moments of individual lives, from infancy through seasoned adulthood.

Bisserup marvels at the great human beings his camera has allowed him to come in contact with; from the President of the United States to local community figures.  His commitment to community allows him to offer his extensive knowledge of photography with the patience of Job, as a mentor to teenagers and seniors alike.  Galvin has served many local and national organizations, dance companies, church groups and schools.

For over three decades this professional photographer has been behind the camera capturing the smiles from the heart and soul.  “Mr. B” bird as Bisserup is affectionately called, has served for many years as a distinguished member of: Professional Photographers of American, Inc.; Professional Photography Society of New York; Professional Photographers of Greater New York; Wedding and Portrait Photographers International; and the Professional Photographers Minority Network.

Sitting in the Park

Roaring 20’s

He had the honor of being selected to photograph the Inaugural Ball of President Bill Clinton in 1993 and to photograph President George Bush in 2000.  Additionally, he has held memberships in: Kiwanis International Roosevelt Club co-founding the James M. Counts, Sr. Memorial “Taste of Soul”; Freeport-Roosevelt NAACP; and the Long Island Black Artists Association.

“O God, as I bring my subjects into focus and prepare to make each portrait, never let me forget that I am creating treasures for some family a keepsake for loved ones.
Make me sensitive to the qualities and virtues of others that I may draw out into the light the beautiful radiant belongings of their hearts.
Help me O Lord to be an artist collecting the beauty of every soul – the glow of youth, the wisdom of age, the gentleness, the strength, the laughter or the tears of each life that is precious in thy sight.
Deeper than a means of livelihood, give me the perspective to see my Photographer’s Art as a service to others, making life richer and more memorable.
And dear Lord, between the lights and shadows, the ups and downs, and the rolling years, keep me from getting out of focus or off-center so that my life and work may be framed with dignity and colored with contentment. Amen”

Spirit of Miles in Cyril

Libation 1

Fred on Trumpet

Black & White Keys

Baritone Blues